Best locations to place your security cameras!

Best locations to place your security cameras!

Security experts and the Kerala police department have stated that setting up security cameras can help reduce the chances of break-ins and keep homes and businesses safe from hooligans that roam the streets after dark. With the growing concerns of safety, due to the increase in burglaries, vandals and hoodlums in the recent past, security system and cameras have become a necessity for every home and business. Here is a list of the best possible locations to place your security cameras.

1. Near the gates

Placing security cameras on or near the gates is the smartest thing to do. It allows passersby to realise that you care for your safety, security and your privacy, and they’ll be on their best behaviour, as they pass your home.

2. Front Door

The research suggests that about 35% of all burglars use the front door to access your home, just like you, but in a sinister way that can hurt you, financially and psychologically. Setting a camera there certainly helps. Be mindful to keep it out of reach.

3. Back Door

Burglars can also get access the backdoor and there should always be a camera dedicated to the backdoor. If there are more than 2 entrances to your home, they too should be monitored. A visible camera can deter the actions of a vandal, it helps them back away from their “job”.

4. Windows

Windows that aren’t facing the street tend to have much more burglar traffic than the ones facing the street. The logic is simple, the chances of the burglar getting caught by a car driving past the home is high in windows facing the street. Keeping the camera above a ledge that is virtually inaccessible to anyone but you, is a perfect way to ensure safety.

5. Balconies & Terrace

We certainly have a love for open spaces, or that’s what our architecture suggests. An open terrace is an easy target of it is near big trees and smaller houses. They’re a cakewalk for burglars who’ve been in this profession for years. If they aren’t properly monitored, your sense of security can be breached in an instant.

Although these are the common places that should be monitored, there can be more places that are vulnerable to such problems. Taking the advice of security system professionals are a great way to help keep the load off your chest. The security system professionals can handle anything and can give you valuable tips to place your security cameras in the right locations.