Schools – Solar, Security & Automation

Schools – Solar, Security & Automation

The world is changing; so are the people who reside in it. A school is where kids from all kinds of homes come together to learn, grow and develop their abilities.

On an average, a student spends about one-third of his / her day in school. It is during this time that their character is built. Helping them understand who they are, what their aim in life should be, and instilling values is what a school is for.


The working of a school is always on a budget that is always allocated in the starting of the year. This budget is almost never enough. Solar helps reduce the cost of utilities and gives a reduced electricity bill without having to give up necessary amenities.

With larger installations, it can be possible to switch to 100% renewable energy. This can help provide a unique and great teaching opportunity that could enrich classroom content.


The Indian schools have always faced problems of vandalism since time immemorial. Over the last decade, the increase in graffiti on walls has raised security concerns that haven’t been addressed.

Filled with adolescents and teenagers who want to rebel, schools must have security systems in place for it to work effectively and efficiently.

The safety of children can be improved by setting up security cameras in places like school classrooms and school vans. This helps heighten a sense of security for the children.


Setting up automation systems in schools are a great way boost morale among the teachers and students. Classroom hardware is almost always misused. The time for complicated controls is passed, as automated controls have evolved to simplify technology for even the most technophobic of teachers.

In case of emergency situations, with the single press of a button, all classroom doors can be secured for the safety of the staff and students. Instead of worrying about procedures and whatnot, the automated system allows the staff and teachers to take care and ensure the safety of the students.

It is always a great idea to be in sync with the changing technology as it helps improve the working of the school. Take technology into your classrooms with Zakion.