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Surveillance & Analytics Solutions

Businesses make use of surveillance software, hardware and services for a multitude of purposes. The main reason being security. The improvement and ease of access to technology has given rise to a new wave of criminals.

Access Automation

There was a time when automatic sliding doors astonished people. Those days are long gone. The technology that went into it has evolved for the better. The unobtrusive and inconspicuous technology has made automation systems- ultramodern and inspiring.

Smart Control

With the click of a button, everything moved and changed. That is how smart control works. The ease of integrating smart control to homes to control from the basic to the advanced was nothing less than science-fiction, until now.

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar power continues to be the most reliable source of power to meet the needs of the future, as well as of that of the present. Safe for the environment and in unlimited supply in a country like ours, solar energy can be leveraged for a better tomorrow.